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We can help you

Whether you want to outsource your feedback campaign or manage it in house, whether you're looking for a long-term strategic partnership or just need to support a one-off event, take a look at our list of services to see which one best suits your needs.


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We will work with you to determine the best approach to ensure maximum engagement from your target audience. We also:

  • Provide all the hardware required (e.g. tablets, kiosks, etc)
  • Design, test & validate your feedback surveys
  • Provide you with a real-time dashboard and live alerts
  • Undertake data analysis to identify trends and areas for improvement
  • Provide you with training, coaching and support.


Discover how to capture feedback

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We will provide you with the tools you need to manage your feedback campaigns. You can:

  • Use our survey creation tool to design your own branded surveys
  • Manage the deployment of surveys yourself
  • Create as many surveys as you want
  • Analyse and report on feedback findings
  • Use your own hardware or source hardware from us
  • Still have the reassurance that we're on hand to provide training, coaching and support.


Take a look at our feedback capture methods

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Our Kiosk package approach makes it easier for you to get going on your feedback journey. Simply select the package that suits your needs and choose your preferred devices.


Read more about our packages

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We make the capture of feedback from delegates or visitors at events simple, effective and affordable. With 2 kiosks and an online survey included, you can reach more attendees and report back on findings more quickly. Live alerts will notify you of any issues as they occur.


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If you need to capture feedback as part of a project we can help. Whether your project is going to last days or months we can design and deliver a feedback solution for you.

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A 4-week pilot with a simple, fixed questionnaire gives you the option to "try before you buy". If you decide to progress following the pilot (and we're confident you will) we'll deduct 50% of the cost of the pilot from your order.
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If you're not sure what you need, please get in touch with our team of CX experts who will work with you to create the right solution. Call us on 024 7660 8832 today to arrange a free consultation.

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