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The Pulse is a lightweight, portable and easy to assemble kiosk. The 10” touchscreen display enables you to use our ever-popular smileys with the added advantage of being able to ask follow-up questions.

It is being used extensively in the UK and the US, for example capturing feedback at Experian’s recent Vision Conference in Orlando.


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ViewPoint Pulse Features

Find out what your customers think and why they think it

Always on technology: Capture feedback around the clock

Confidence in insight: Valid8™ guarantees data integrity

  • Portable kiosk – flexible to use in a range of situations
  • Optional Battery -  long-life battery enables you to use the Pulse for up to 48 hours without mains power
  • Plug and play – Simple to assemble it from the box then plug it in and start collecting responses
  • Question types – it’s designed to offer a range of rating, multi-choice and free text answers
  • Wi-Fi or 3G enabled – providing real-time upload to your ViewPoint dashboard 
  • Fully branded – on screen and on the stem of the kiosk
  • Buy as a package – complete end to end solution.

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