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A range of kiosks from ViewPoint

ViewPoint have a range of kiosks to suit different customer feedback needs. ViewPoint are official partners with HappyOrNot to supply push button terminals in the UK. ViewPoint Kiosks offer:

  • A range of questions styles 

  • Highly secure, locked-down software 

  • UK hosted encrypted data
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  • Single rating question
  • Monitors trends during day or week
  • Portable and flexible


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  • Find out why they gave a rating
  • Captures the pulse of opinion
  • Portable


Discover more about ViewPoint Pulse kiosks

  • Large screen for more complex questions
  • Monitor opinions overtime
  • Robust 


Discover more about ViewPoint Curve kiosks

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Feedback kiosks offer you quick, easy and accurate feedback on user experiences.

Kiosks are flexible and responsive feedback solutions suitable for a wide range of audiences and applications. They offer:

  • Fast results and real-time service indicators

  • Capture views and opinions of all demographics

  • A fixed or portable solution

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