Smiley Face Surveys

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Measure happiness with smiley face surveys

Smiley face surveys increase engagement from customers, employees and patients alike, helping you to improve satisfaction levels and grow loyalty. Which in turn drives repeat business and increased customer spend. 


Smiley faces are popular, easy-to-use and universal.

Smileys are instantly recognised: users simply respond to the survey question by pressing the smiley button that reflects their experience. The exact time of day of every response is captured, which means we can demonstrate happiness over time, across all areas of an organisation.

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Why use smiley face surveys?


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Forget language barriers; smiley faces connect with almost everyone

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No delays - simply an immediate reaction to how they are feeling right now - at the point of experience.

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... you just can't help but reach out and press one!


The data is collected and securely transmitted to our real-time ViewPoint reporting service so that you can track trends and learn where to improve your business performance.


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What follows a smiley face?

Whilst sometimes a single tap on a smiley face is all you need, rich insights can be gained from one or two quick follow-on questions which establish WHY your customers feel the way they do. Smiley faces are an effective way to start a quick in-the-moment survey, followed by a limited number of different survey questions.


Where can you use a smiley face survey?

Smiley faces are effective on all types of written surveys such as those on a kiosk, online or paper. Our ViewPoint Pulse and ViewPoint Curve kiosk surveys often start with a bright and eye catching smiley face question.


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ViewPoint's free trial lets you start collecting feedback now and see for yourself how smiley face surveys help you capture insight in to your business.