Methods of capturing customer feedback

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Real-time feedback


Real time customer feedback technology enables businesses to ask questions or poll customers immediately after interaction. This enables them to collect more response levels with greater accuracy (Gartner research indicates that feedback gathered at the point of experience is 40% more accurate than feedback collected just 24 hours later).


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You can track service levels, customer, patient, student or employee satisfaction with either our Pulse, Curve or HappyOrNot free-standing kiosks. We also provide wall, desk and counter mounted touch screen alternatives.

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Kiosk Packages

The ViewPoint Kiosk package approach makes it easier to get going on your customer feedback journey. Simply click on the package below that suits your needs to get a full breakdown of what’s included.


Great value for money, simple solution.

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Fully managed service. Ask more questions and make changes to your survey

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If you want the flexibility to create and manage your own surveys, this package is for you

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Designed to gather feedback from visitors and delegates at a single event

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Our tablet feedback solutions combine the simplicity of touchscreen surveys with the flexibility to take the survey to the customer, employee, patient or student. Tablets are loaded with branded surveys which the customer can complete with or without assistance.

We provide lease and purchase options for 10" tablets with:

  • application pre-installed
  • secure/locked-down
  • plug & play ready
  • works offline
  • unlimited responses
  • warranty
  • technical helpdesk support and training/support material

Multi-channel feedback

Multi-channel feedback solutions enable you to capture feedback using a range of different techniques, either on their own or to complement a kiosk or tablet.


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Automated voice surveys consist of a short after-service phone call with a series of short questions that are answered by pressing a relevant button on the phone keypad.

Where the personal touch is required, we provide a fully managed telephone survey where trained researchers make calls utilising a ‘guiding script’.

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Customers can be directed to our online surveys by email, website, QR codes, till receipts or leaflets where they can complete the survey in their own time. Our responsive online surveys are universal, accessible by mobile, laptop desktop or tablet device. They can be fully branded to include logos, colours and images

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SMS Text

You can either text a link to an online survey or text a short series of concise questions. Our SMS survey solutions are an effective, affordable way of delivering short, focussed surveys that deliver high levels of feedback.

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Paper surveys are sometimes the most effective option when you’re looking to get feedback from certain demographics such as the elderly or those living in remote, rural locations.

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