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Extracting meaning from feedback

The options for reporting your feedback – in real-time or reflectively - are virtually limitless.  We’ll deliver precisely what you need for self-serve use or manage your data on your behalf.   

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A clear and meaningful display of data to identify where improvements are required.

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Bring your feedback data to life with real-time insight available to you in an instant.

  • Explore areas of interest with drill down capability
  • Rich analysis to discover trends and track KPI's
  • Adapt and amend data sets

Analyse open-ended responses quicker even when there are huge volumes of survey responses.

  • Catagorise or theme free text data
  • Assess what respondents are concerned about, pleased with, or simply want to tell you about
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Confidence to make strategic decisions

ViewPoint cuts out the need for manual input of data. This means that as well as having less adminstrative burdens you can also trust the data at your fingertips to be reliable, up to date and accurate. 

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Apply your customer feedback to your strategic and tactical decision making with confidence.


Using feedback to inform decisions
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Avoid escalation of issues with auto alerts sent to your team should a complaint or concern be reported.


What is a live alert?

ViewPoint's unique patented system that filters nonsense responses before they hit your reports.


How does Valid8 work?

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